Fernandina Events - Release Notes

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April 26, 2023

- When you select Island Festival, it will show you all the events for Music & Island Festival and only the date range of the festival.

April 22, 2023

- Fixed the page to show all events on the default page.

- Added the Shrimp festival logo and program. Will only show from april 1 to May 10.

- Fixed the graphics so they look better on mobile. Smaller on smaller screens.

- Fixed the EVENTID to switch from nothing to 1 when you went to page 2.

- Fixed stupid facebook so it now loads the correct image and page.

- Changed the background to a Shrimp fest image, can change as events change, or go back to the original image.

April 11, 2023

- Changed the behavior on Add Event to not change to TOTIME and also not reset it after Save so it stays where it is.

- Updated verbiage on Newsletter page to help with repeat emails from ...users.

- Changed the categories to better reflect the content.

- Started document for the Shrimp fest schedule.

- Added The Alley as new Friends of Fernandina

- Added a tag so that Facebook always picks the correct image when sharing the page.

March 31, 2023

- Changed the initial view to be ALL events, and also updated the page to say ALL Events.

- Bugfix where it would revert to the current date if you edit an event without selecting the date.

- Fixed a horrible error on add event/artist.

- Fixed apostrophee error.

March 23, 2023

- Added Edit/Delete to the recurring Event Add page.

- Changed the default view to show everything instead of just music.

- Added ability to add recuring events. (you're welcome debc)

- Updated sponsor page to look nice on mobile.

March 18, 2023

- Added the ability to sort columns on the Admin page.

- Added the ability to edit events.

- Cleaned up duplicates in Artists and Venues.

- Backed up data, should probably be done once in a while.

March 14, 2023

- Added other admin login.

- Changed login to use session state variables.

- Added page to Add events for External Admins.

- Added link to Friends of Fernandina at the top of website.

March 8, 2023

- Added Friends of Fernandina Page. (link in the side bar)

- Added Friends of Fernandina Sponsor detail Page. (link at bottom of page)

- Added ability to download data for every event.

February 9, 2023

- Fixed the .'s in the drop down for time. All should be : now.

- Added ability to delete Artists.

- Added ability to delete venues.

- Added bug tracking on Jira.

January 19, 2023

- Removed Release notes and privacy policy, still at the bottom of the page.

January 17, 2023

- Added a social media bar with buttons for the most common functions on our page.

- Preparing the page for advanced search.

- Fixed ending comma again on the facebook export.

January 11, 2023

- fixed bug in "check for duplicate venue and artist."

- changed name of the new release notes to the old name so the sitemap, and google crawler doesn't get confused.

January 10, 2023

- Changed the release notes to something Google can read :)

January 9, 2023

- Squashed a few bugs.

- added check for duplicate vendors and artists.

January 6, 2023

- Bugfixes, SEO Updates.

- Fixed the Pagination for pages other than Music.

December 29, 2022

- Added dayname to the date field for the export to Facebook.

- Solved: Copy remote data local for testing.

- Added check if an entry already exist (Artist, venue, from

December 28, 2022

- Pagination, Prev/today/next buttons. You can now see more data by using the previous, today and next buttons in the bottom of the page.

- Squashed a few bugs.

- Removed time from the newsletter subscriber date.

- Mailing list has been setup.

December 27, 2022

- Added the ability to download ALL the future events from the download page (admin) and removed the last , (comma) for each event if there's no description.

- Fixed a spelling error on the Newsletter.

- Added more text to the newsletter email, including a link back to the website..

December 19, 2022

- Added BCC for Newsletter email and changed the email manager to a @FernandinaEvent domain instead of FunchTech.

December 18, 2022

- Function to download a 7 or 14 day list added A bugfix allowing . (dots) to be used instead of : (colon's) on import times has been fixed.

- New form for adding a venue, bank or ask a question created. Link at the bottom of the main page.

- Trivia added as category

- Download set to only download Music Events.

- Added the Map location to the venue.

- Added Check for duplicates on upload.

December 14, 2022

- A few bugs were squashed... Functions added...

- These release notes were added, privacy policy were added, Ask a question/submit a venue/artist were added. Newsletter was updated to ALSO send an email to the subscriber to let them know they were added to the mailing list.

December 8, 2022

- Initial release of the Fernandina Events website.

- Categories, showing 7 days ahead.

To-Do List

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Projects to be completed...

- Mailing list email should contain instructions on how to unsubscribe.

- On upload csv file, give a more informative description of why a row failed, do not show the rows that succeeded

- Add a pop-up for more information.

- Add category to be exported.

- Add Advanced search... ability to see all data... or for a specific time... or artist or venue...